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We welcome Bobbie an Ina from Bobina Witblits, Mampoer and Liquers to the Wilderness Festival.

BOBINA is in the capable experienced hands of Bobbie and Ina van der Westhuizen. Bobbie has been master of the art of the distillation process since 1985 and has received the “National Distillation Champion” award from 2006 to 2009 from the South African Cultural Distillers Society.

Bobbie is known for his unique Witblits, Peach and Pear Mampoer. Ina on the other hand is responsible for the tasty colourful liqueurs. The liqueurs are made from only the best quality of Witblits, distilled by Bobbie. Due to the quality of Ina’s peppermint and coffee liqueurs, the South African Cultural Distillers Society also awarded her with the “National Liqueur Champion” award from 2007 to 2009. Currently one can enjoy a wide variety of 21 different colours and flavours of Witblits liqueurs.

Their products include


  • Witblits (Grapes) •Pear Mampoer •Peach Mampoer •BOBINA Brandy


  • Almond •Aniseed •Apricot •Banana •Black Currant •Caramel •Cherry •Chocolate •Coffee •Dark Chocolate •Ginger •Granadilla •Grape •Lemon •Maroela •Orange •Peach •Peppermint •Rose Petals •Strawberry •Toffee

Visit their stall at The Wilderness Festival to taste some of their amazing products.

Online orders can be placed from their website:

Contact details:


BOBINA Distillers: Waboomskraal, George

Post Box:

P.O. Box 9112
South Africa

Tel & Fax:

+27 (0)44 886 0176

Cellular Phone:

+27 (0)82 851 2572