Kula Malaika

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Kula Malaika is a non-profit foundation (082 780 NPO) formed on humanistic and spiritual values. Our principle aim is to help develop and empower the lives of children and young people. We aim to achieve this through support and establishment of child care and life skills development.

The foundation runs the Kleinkrantz Childcare and Youth Development Center (Creche and Aftercare), the Lancewood Childcare and Youth Development Center, as well as a farm in Hoekwil, where skills training and production takes place. We produce beautiful handmade jewellery, mohair mats and woodcraft. The farm also grows an organic garden, has got its own bicycle workshop and runs a café and shop that help to sustain the foundation projects and programs. We take care of about 100 children and youth in the Wilderness area.

By providing us with a stall, you are helping us to maintain our vision which will contribute to the upliftment of many lives.

All income generated goes straight back into Kula Malaika projects.