O For Olive

O_For_Olive_webThe exceptional taste and quality of O for Olive products is the result of two perfect combinations. The first is a blend of good old-fashioned experience, expertise and timing. The second is all down to nature: a rare combination of ideal weather conditions and sandy, well-drained soils, together with drip-fed, mineral-rich irrigation from nearby springs. And, of course, beautiful olive trees of optimum fruit-bearing age.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Our premium olive oil is cold pressed and bottled on site. Presenting the perfect balance of spicy notes and hints of fruit, it’s the perfect complement to a wide variety of healthy dishes.

Olives & Olive Products:

Our wide range of succulent olives is complemented by a delicious assortment of olive-based items: tapenades, chutney, marmalade and salad dressing.

Swartrivier Preserves:

Rounding out our wares is a wonderful collection of fig, apricot and grape preserves.

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