olyfberg2Welcome to Olyfberg:

After much exploration to find an area ideal for olive growing, the Naudé family chanced upon the Breede River Valley, where the terroir and climate share remarkable similarities with Tuscany in Italy and certain areas of Spain, notably those close to Cordoba.

The Naudé’s bought the largely undeveloped farm in 1995 and dubbed it ‘Olyfberg’ after the Biblical ‘Mount Olive’. They proceeded to plant 100 hectares to Mission, Leccino, Frantoio, Manzanilla, Coratina and Kalamata and celebrated the maiden harvest in 2001. The cultivars Mission, Leccino and Frantoio are used in the creation of Olyfberg’s award-winning “liquid gold”.

The Breede River Valley climate can be harsh and inhospitable. But the olive oil created here is soft, fruity and delicate – a wonderful companion to fine dining and hearty hospitality.

Contact details:

Olyfberg/ El Olivar CC
Breede River Valley
Western Cape
South Africa
PO Box 344, Robertson 6705

Tel +27 23 342 5096 / +27 23 342 1565
Fax +27 86 555 0749

GPS coordinates
33’45’33”S 19’36’44”E

Website: HERE