Qualito Craft Distillery

Qualito-ImageQualito Craft Distillery is located in the historic town of Phalaborwa in the Mopani District of South Africa’s Limpopo province, 3km from the Kruger National Park Gate.  It is a lovely town with two summers that has the Ideal climate to create and mature our spirits.

Qualito Craft Distillery is one of the few distilleries in Limpopo that ferment their own alcohol from maize.  The alcohol is distilled through two different kettles and in total distilled 7 times. We are a small batch Craft Distiller, so we are can remove the methanol out of the alcohol that ensures a high level alcohol quality.

We produce various spirits in the Distillery but our main passion is the Limpopo Whisky’s.  This is very special due to the destination whisky that is created in our distillery.  The maize base alcohol almost caramelizes in the oak barrels with the heat and humidity of Phalaborwa resulting in a sweet natural whisky that is specific to our area.

Our Craft Gin’s is produce using the oil infusion method, with organic botanical oils that is pure and of the highest quality. For our area’s heat and humidity we create a floral and spice gin that is also carry the natural sweetness of the Maize base alcohol.   These Gin’s you can enjoy the whole day next to the swimming pool.

We also create premium Vodka’s, Infused Vodka’s and Vodka Crushers to enjoy. Visit us for a tasting tour at the distillery at 36 Potgieter Street Phalaborwa Limpopo.

Read more about us on www.qualito.co.za

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Contact person: Loumarie Raubenheimer