Riebeek Cellars



Nestled in the picturesque Riebeek Valley, tucked up against the slopes of the majestic Kasteelberg, lies Riebeek Cellars.
This medium-sized winery on the western coast of the Cape Province of South Africa sources its grapes from the fertile Riebeek Valley and the slopes of the mountain where the climate is very similar to the Mediterranean.

Through the years as vineyard practices developed, cultivars were planted in soil and at slopes best suited to them. These well-tended vineyards enable the production of high quality wines which makes Riebeek Cellars the choice of wine buyers internationally. Well-known both in South Africa and abroad, Riebeek Cellars manages a variety of brands for various countries.


Contact details:

Tel:      +27 (0)22 448 1213
Fax:     +27 (0)22 448 1281
E-mail: info@riebeekcellars.co.za

Physical address:

Pieter Cruythoff Ave
Riebeek Kasteel, 7307
South Africa
GPS co-ordinates:

-33.382958, 18.913975

Postal address:

P.O. Box 13
Riebeek Kasteel
South Africa


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